Too often, the Engineer is unable to issue its valuations and assessment on the Contractor’s Claims within a specified period of time. In such case, a reminder letter, kindly advise the Engineer to adhere to its duties specified under the Contract is necessary.

Here below the terms of the reminder letter:


Date:    ___/___/___

Ref. No:            ___

Respectively to:     (Insert full name in capital)____________________________________________

(Insert address) _____________________________________________________

(Insert city), Vietnam

Attention:         Mrs/Mr. (Insert full name), (Insert title)


Copied to:              ___________________________________________________________________



Attention:         Mrs/Mr. _____________, ____________

Reference:    ________________________________________________

Subject:       A Reminder Letter to the Engineer regarding the issuance of Engineer’s Evaluation on Extension of Time for Completion of the Works and Additional Costs Associated thereto

Civil Work Contract Package _____

Dear Sirs,

The verbal agreement discussed in our most recent meeting of on _________, ___, ___ (__/__/__) provided that the Engineer shall review, evaluate, and issue an assessment on the Contractor’s Claims by __/__/__.

However, it is now ___ days beyond ______, for the aforementioned action _____ have come to fruition.

Therefore, the Contractor kindly reminds the Engineer ______ will be issued by _________, which will enable the Employer to submit a report to the competent authority for approval.

The Contractor is willing to provide assistance in the form of necessary documents, justifications, and explanations to the Engineer as needed.

Your attention to this is highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours.







Attachments: None.


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